Thursday, October 13, 2016

FridayFlash #65: Lost Opportunity

Writing challenge: in 8 minutes write a story that includes the following words with no alteration to tense/form/etc:  stern, insult, airsickness, blamed, downward, kilometer, juggle, mistreatment.

Here's my effort:

They said it was airsickness, but I'd been off the plane for hours and instead I blamed the insult to the clown for my momentary weakness.  The stern clown (seriously -- I've never seen such a thing!) saw me juggle, or attempt to anyways, and graciously tried to help.

Others watched as my skills actually spiraled downward and the mistreatment that poor clown received when he was only trying to help made me understand partially why he hadn't chosen a happy countenance.

People came from more than a kilometer away to see what was going on, but by they time they got there, my clown had disappeared along with my juggling dreams.